Our Client:

Solenta Aviation

Operating one of the largest aircraft fleets on the African continent
Operating on multiple continents

Initial Requirements

  • Develop an iPad application for the pilots with which they do their Weight & Balance (W&B) report calculations, even where no internet connection is available.
  • The application should do all necessary calculations with the minimum amount of input from the pilots and visually display the results in the format of a report, including the graphs pertaining to the specific aircraft model.
  • This report should automatically be sent to Solenta Aviation for tracking and auditing purposes.


  • The iPad application was a great success.
  • Current aircraft stats:
  • 5 Aircraft models
  • 35 Aircrafts
  • 79 unique aircraft configurations
  • Over 230 pilots actively using the app
  • Over 12 000 recorded flights
  • The application was approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) for use by Solenta Aviation.
  • This application resulted in massive savings on time and money for Solenta Aviation.
  • Solenta Aviation went on the extend the consulting contract for another 2 years with the goal to develop a customized Electronic Flight Bag (EFB).


Where are we now?

  • Flight Folio (F.F.) report
  • Daily F.F. summary reports
  • Online management dashboard
  • We are constantly adding new aircrafts to the system


Future development:

  • Application for Cabin Crew
  • Aircraft document management
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)

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